Girls that Scuba Love Barbados Underwater World

Girls that Scuba Love Barbados Underwater WorldIts not Just TripSavvy that puts Barbados high on the list of Fun things to do – Girls that Scuba love it too. We applaud Jennifer for her lovely article on GirlsthatScuba about the great underwater adventures that await you in Barbados.

Of course you do not have to be a Girl or a Scuba Diver to enjoy the shipwrecks and the marine adventures in the fascinating and unique coral island of Barbados. Snorkeling is a delight for all ages and its available to anyone that can swim, or at least float. There are many shallow water wrecks teaming with fish of all shapes sizes and colors, which you can easily see from the surface. One of the popular wrecks is the Berwyn, a world war 1 tug that dates back to 1919. It is just 10 feet below the surface and is encrusted with coral now home to many colorful tropical fish.

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You can easily go deeper with a tour on the Atlantis Submarine which dives daily to the navy dark shipwrecks and coral formation at up to 150 feet below the waves. It is another world under the waves in deep water, and inside your ever-sure submarine you are safe, dry and comfortable. And you dont need a scuba certificate to see the wonders of the underwater world. There are coral heads and ships in the deeps that you cannot see from the surface.

Diving in a a real holiday submarine is a treat for the entire family. TripSavvy gave Atlantis Submarines tours top ranking with a wonderful review of the 10 fun things to do in Barbados with Kids. The oldest Atlantis mariner so far was over 90 years old. If you can walk you can dive on the the Atlantis. One caution; very little children may not be tall enough to see out of the portholes. As they say there is no age restriction but, there is a height restriction as children should be at least three feet in height, since the safety equipment on board is not recommended for children under that height.

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Atlantis Nominated By TripSavvy as Top 10 Fun Family Holiday Adventures

The actual article on TripSavvy is a review of family friendly Barbados holidays. It explores the top 10 rated activities for children. We are pleased to be in that top 10 review and of course we know that kids love to dive under the waves in our safe and dry holiday submarines.

10 Fun Things To Do in Barbados with Kids

In our last blog ShirlyD left a lovely review of her trip recalling the look of wonder on the faces of children with special needs as they disembarked from the sub after a thrilling dive to the wreck and the coral reefs. The many beautiful tropical fish that danced and dashed about coming right up close to their port hole lookouts was enthralling.

The sub dives are a great favorite with children, but its also true for everyone, all ages can enjoy diving under the waves to the coral crusted wrecks and to visit the underwater world of parrot fish, schoolteachers and turtles. Its a joy to see them up close and personal, and a pleasure to many who do not care to get wet and cold snorkeling. In fact Atlantis Submarine tours are one of the top attraction in Barbados.

TripSavvy Round Up

As you will see in the video mention also went to Bathsheba as a place that invigorating. and different. Barbados

British history and its afternoon teas and cricket were also mentioned although cricket for small kids, we know is sometimes a bit daunting. Afternoon teas with banana bread and coconut cake however is often a treat for all ages. And a great place for that is Nicholas Abby, the only working Jacobean sugar mill in the world. They show a lovely old film that even small children might enjoy.

The animal flower cave is always a marvel for children. The elderly might want to think about it. It can be slippery. Now and again the sea will rush in so always be careful that the children and safe and close by. Generally the stay will close the cave when the seas are high.

A great adventure for all is the Safari tour in an off road 4×4 that will take you to many hidden and hard to find gems, like Joes river and little bay.

A sail on a old wooden schooner that were used by pirates in the old days is fun for all. Lunch on board is BBQ fare and there all sorts of games and swings and ropes to play with.

You may know about the Barbados green monkey. They are beautiful animals a bit of pest to farmers so they have to be controlled. You will see many at the wildlife reserve which a great stop off point on t=your way to Bathsheba and the many attractions there like Hunts gardens.

Most kids just love the fish fry and BBQ at Oistins. The food is very Bajan with specialties like Macaroni pie which seems to be favourit with many children. The dancing is also a joy, even if you dont join in you will get a kick out of watching the Bajans trotting out their moves.

Harison Cave is another treat for kids. The specially built trains take you through tunnels carved by nature and finished by man. They pass waterfalls and pools wit magnificent stalagmites forming great sculptures rising on the floor to complement the stalactites that hold tight to the ceiling of the cave.

Finally swimming with  the turtles is a most for kids of all ages. You can arrange a trip to snorkel with the turtles with your hotel. There are several catamaran cruises that do day trips and half day trips. They wil pick you up and give you lunch on board.

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BarbadosubTours Spectacular 5-Star Review of Atlantis Submarines

BarbadosubTours Spectacular 5-Star Review of Atlantis SubmarinesThe Atlantis Submarine Underwater Tour memory for ShirrlyD “was the look of wonder on the faces of a group of children with special needs as they came off a previous submarine dive”. Her thoughts were that the dive was more than she expected and she looks forward to diving again.

Here is the full review by ShirrlyD:

“We did the day time dive on a recent holiday and had a brilliant time. For someone like myself who prefers not to be in or under water it was something I wanted to do and didn’t regret it,quite the opposite I wanted to go again!

The only boring part was waiting in the Atlantis shop for the transfer vessel which takes about 10 minutes to transport you to where the sub surfaces out in the bay.

We waited while a party of children with special needs came off the sub and onto the transfer vessel and to see the look of enjoyment on the faces of those children was quite something.

The dive took us down 135 feet with excellent and amusing commentary from our co-pilot. We saw lots of different fish, coral and a shipwreck.

I am sure some days are better than others in terms of what you see but I saw things I would not have seen ordinarily so as far as I was concerned this was just brilliant.

The huge portholes allow everyone a really good view. The sub is air conditioned so feels cool and comfortable.

A little tip for any females making the trip, you have to negotiate a steep ladder backwards to climb into the sub so shorts or trousers rather than dresses are preferable for obvious reasons!

Rum punch was served on the ride back to the port and the trip had come to an all too soon end. Not cheap but highly recommended.”


AtlantisSubmarines operates a fleet of holiday adventure subs in various island destinations like Barbados. The sub tours are a great experience for children and adults of all ages. Small children are not recommended as they may not be able to see through the portholes. Check in advance to see if its right for you.

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Atlantis Submarines Review Videos Case Study 2

This report is the second stage of the reputation marketing campaign for Atalantis SubMarines Barbados. has now produces half a dozen review videos and related material for the campaign building a solid reputation with guest reviews of the submarine experience and sharing these across the network and digital media.

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