Barbados Ship Wreck Dive Adventures Adds the Trident

Ship Wreck Diving in Barbados, just got another feature dive: The Coast Guard has retired the Trident, after 30 years of service, sinking her in 90 feet of water off of Carlisle Bay on the south coast. It was a bit of a soul wrenching experience as the old boat rolled slowly to her left, filled with water and then ever so slow the rear sank. In the last moment the rear of the boat went straight down with the bow standing erect,  spouting out water through the deck hold and breaking steel with the immense pressure building up inside as she sank.

Atlantis Submarines offers several ship wreck dives but so far not in this bay. Its just to busy with all sort of pleasure boats, sailing, snorkeling and scuba divers in the waters here- There is a ship wreck already and it is a very popular spot for snorkelers but this will offer more adventure for free divers and scuba dives. There may be an Atlantis submarines night dive to the Trident later, but that is not confirmed as yet.

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The Trident Sunk in Carlisle Bay Adds to Barbados Diving
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