BarbadosubTours Spectacular 5-Star Review of Atlantis Submarines

BarbadosubTours Spectacular 5-Star Review of Atlantis SubmarinesThe Atlantis Submarine Underwater Tour memory for ShirrlyD “was the look of wonder on the faces of a group of children with special needs as they came off a previous submarine dive”. Her thoughts were that the dive was more than she expected and she looks forward to diving again.

Here is the full review by ShirrlyD:

“We did the day time dive on a recent holiday and had a brilliant time. For someone like myself who prefers not to be in or under water it was something I wanted to do and didn’t regret it,quite the opposite I wanted to go again!

The only boring part was waiting in the Atlantis shop for the transfer vessel which takes about 10 minutes to transport you to where the sub surfaces out in the bay.

We waited while a party of children with special needs came off the sub and onto the transfer vessel and to see the look of enjoyment on the faces of those children was quite something.

The dive took us down 135 feet with excellent and amusing commentary from our co-pilot. We saw lots of different fish, coral and a shipwreck.

I am sure some days are better than others in terms of what you see but I saw things I would not have seen ordinarily so as far as I was concerned this was just brilliant.

The huge portholes allow everyone a really good view. The sub is air conditioned so feels cool and comfortable.

A little tip for any females making the trip, you have to negotiate a steep ladder backwards to climb into the sub so shorts or trousers rather than dresses are preferable for obvious reasons!

Rum punch was served on the ride back to the port and the trip had come to an all too soon end. Not cheap but highly recommended.”


AtlantisSubmarines operates a fleet of holiday adventure subs in various island destinations like Barbados. The sub tours are a great experience for children and adults of all ages. Small children are not recommended as they may not be able to see through the portholes. Check in advance to see if its right for you.

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