Girls that Scuba Love Barbados Underwater World

Girls that Scuba Love Barbados Underwater WorldIts not Just TripSavvy that puts Barbados high on the list of Fun things to do – Girls that Scuba love it too. We applaud Jennifer for her lovely article on GirlsthatScuba about the great underwater adventures that await you in Barbados.

Of course you do not have to be a Girl or a Scuba Diver to enjoy the shipwrecks and the marine adventures in the fascinating and unique coral island of Barbados. Snorkeling is a delight for all ages and its available to anyone that can swim, or at least float. There are many shallow water wrecks teaming with fish of all shapes sizes and colors, which you can easily see from the surface. One of the popular wrecks is the Berwyn, a world war 1 tug that dates back to 1919. It is just 10 feet below the surface and is encrusted with coral now home to many colorful tropical fish.

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You can easily go deeper with a tour on the Atlantis Submarine which dives daily to the navy dark shipwrecks and coral formation at up to 150 feet below the waves. It is another world under the waves in deep water, and inside your ever-sure submarine you are safe, dry and comfortable. And you dont need a scuba certificate to see the wonders of the underwater world. There are coral heads and ships in the deeps that you cannot see from the surface.

Diving in a a real holiday submarine is a treat for the entire family. TripSavvy gave Atlantis Submarines tours top ranking with a wonderful review of the 10 fun things to do in Barbados with Kids. The oldest Atlantis mariner so far was over 90 years old. If you can walk you can dive on the the Atlantis. One caution; very little children may not be tall enough to see out of the portholes. As they say there is no age restriction but, there is a height restriction as children should be at least three feet in height, since the safety equipment on board is not recommended for children under that height.

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6 Deep Sea Underwater Submarine Tours

We will be sharing all sorts of interesting stories about holiday submarine tours, from luxury private submarines to commercial vacation subs. In this article by Huffington Post we see 6 of the best deep sea tours. They include tours by Atlantis submarines the leading holiday sub tours operating mainly in the caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico, warm weather vacation destination.

In this round up by HuffPost we see two unique variations in addition to several Atlantis underwater marine dives. the Roátan, Honduras two man submarines dives to 3000 feet. In another we see an underwater honeymoon suite  with a portal to the ocean fish tank. Also listed are the Barbadosubtours of Atlantis Submarines operating in Hawaii and Mexico.

One of the most popular subtour destination is Barbados featured in the above video. The video is part of the marketing. HHR creates animated videos like this using real reviews from customer. It shows and tells what they have to say and what they see. Here is some of what Harene of TripAdvisor says in the video:

“Ideal for adults and children. Narrow, so cozy, but air conditioned. Large viewing windows. Excellent information and sometimes very funny interaction from the crew.We saw many different kinds of fish (beautiful colours,) turtles, coral reefs, eels, octopus and a ship wreck and got down to 145ft.”

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These 6 Deep-Sea Sub Tours Offer Unique Views of the Underwater World

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