Barbados Ship Wreck Dive Adventures Adds the Trident

Ship Wreck Diving in Barbados, just got another feature dive: The Coast Guard has retired the Trident, after 30 years of service, sinking her in 90 feet of water off of Carlisle Bay on the south coast. It was a bit of a soul wrenching experience as the old boat rolled slowly to her left, filled with water and then ever so slow the rear sank. In the last moment the rear of the boat went straight down with the bow standing erect,  spouting out water through the deck hold and breaking steel with the immense pressure building up inside as she sank.

Atlantis Submarines offers several ship wreck dives but so far not in this bay. Its just to busy with all sort of pleasure boats, sailing, snorkeling and scuba divers in the waters here- There is a ship wreck already and it is a very popular spot for snorkelers but this will offer more adventure for free divers and scuba dives. There may be an Atlantis submarines night dive to the Trident later, but that is not confirmed as yet.

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The Trident Sunk in Carlisle Bay Adds to Barbados Diving
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Travel Weekly Features Innovative Marketing of Atlantis Submarines Reviews

New Strategy in Tourism Reputation Marketing Featured by Travel Weekly magazine


 Case Study Report – Barbados Atlantis Submarines


The article showcases how Atlantis Submarines in the Caribbean destination Barbados, has reinvented brand marketing with animated videos of real guest reviews.


The videos are produced by startup company builds video animations of the positive reviews gathered from sites like TripAdvisor and other review site in addition to hotel and tourism websites and the HHR enhanced feedback pages.


The animated presentations highlight the travellers experience and provides a credible recommendation that is a great endorsement for the tourism business.


Atlantis Submarines Publishes Another Amazing Video Review

Another 5 star Atlantis Submarines Review, this time by Debiliere who loved the submarine tour with   a real maritime submarine.



The video developed and syndicated by HolidaHotelReviews’biz shows the tour with a professional production that includes both a spokesperson introduction and a narrator who enacts the review. The review is animated with live video and images that capture the experience of a remarkable underwater dive over the Barbados reefs.


A spokesperson for Atlantis Barbados SubTours said that: It is an amazing way to show what guests have to say and so much more engaging than the standard guest review. They also praised the production team for excellent work saying: “We are very pleased with the high quality work by the team at and the AllCast Production team.”

6 Deep Sea Underwater Submarine Tours

We will be sharing all sorts of interesting stories about holiday submarine tours, from luxury private submarines to commercial vacation subs. In this article by Huffington Post we see 6 of the best deep sea tours. They include tours by Atlantis submarines the leading holiday sub tours operating mainly in the caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico, warm weather vacation destination.

In this round up by HuffPost we see two unique variations in addition to several Atlantis underwater marine dives. the Roátan, Honduras two man submarines dives to 3000 feet. In another we see an underwater honeymoon suite  with a portal to the ocean fish tank. Also listed are the Barbadosubtours of Atlantis Submarines operating in Hawaii and Mexico.

One of the most popular subtour destination is Barbados featured in the above video. The video is part of the marketing. HHR creates animated videos like this using real reviews from customer. It shows and tells what they have to say and what they see. Here is some of what Harene of TripAdvisor says in the video:

“Ideal for adults and children. Narrow, so cozy, but air conditioned. Large viewing windows. Excellent information and sometimes very funny interaction from the crew.We saw many different kinds of fish (beautiful colours,) turtles, coral reefs, eels, octopus and a ship wreck and got down to 145ft.”

See the huffpost article at Huffington Post Travel
These 6 Deep-Sea Sub Tours Offer Unique Views of the Underwater World

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Enhancing the View of 5 Star Guest Review

Here is the latest  enhanced movie  animation of the 5 star gest review previously narrated by Pete. In this Dailymotion video the actual review is narrated by a HolidayHotelReviews spokespersons in time with more detailed animation of the deep dive over underwater in safety and comfort of a spacious holiday submarine operated by AtlantisSubmarines, Barbados.

The review by Harene is animated with actual footage of the dive and graphics that show and tell what the tour does and what the guests see and experience. Now you too can see and hear what guests enjoy so much about this underwater adventure tour.

This initiative is venture of and Atlantis Submarines Barbados. The Videos of Reviews are published and distributed by HHR

Videos are syndicated via Press Systems, RealHolidays.TV, HolidayHotel.Reviews and a digital network of several top travel sites together with BarbadosubTours Social Media and partner sites.




Hello – This is a short word to invite all our fans to the BarbadoSubTours Blog. The Barbados SUB Tours site is a venture between the Barbados Holidays at together with Atlantis Sub-Marine Tours, Barbados.


We will share information, occasions, video clip, guests testimonials as well as feedback on Barbados tours, adventures and all matters relating to the Sub Marine environment. write-ups will certainly include occasion on shore and sea  – above the waves and even under them.




We plan to keep you up-to-date on fish species, coral reefs as well as information to do with the Barbados ocean playground, and also land based activities and vacation information.


Just keep tuned for the latest news and videos coming soon.


Thrilling 5 Star Review Video on Barbados SUbTours & Adventures


Released by BarbadosUbTours  – This 5 Star review by Harene on TripAdvisor has been computer animated with a Video clip by and also is available on several leading web networks including YouTube.


See more at


Harene informs us that the submarine adventure was a fabulous experience for the entire family. On this dive they were lucky to see “various type of fish, (stunning colors,) turtles, coral reefs, eels, an octopus  and even a ship wreck. The submarine got down to 145ft.”




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